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The Dengue Defender is our solution to better-protected families in SouthEast Asia. Dengue Defender is specifically formulated to effectively and safely repel mosquitoes and related biting insects.

Family Safe
Formulated for the whole family including pregnant mothers and babies without age restriction. It’s even safe to be consumed if sprayed accidentally into the mouth.

Novel Active Complex
Dengue Defender is a synergistic blend of thiamine and vanilla in a unique complex designed to confuse mosquito chemosensors.

Natural Ingredients
Thiamine is Vitamin B1, found naturally in oatmeal, sunflower seeds and brown rice. Vanilla is a flavour from orchids of the genus Vanilla. All other inactive ingredients are plant-based or readily found in nature.

Dengue Defender has high water content, and regular application effectively hydrates the skin in hot tropical climates.

DEET is known to be harsh to the skin, especially when used over a long period of time and in higher concentrations. DEET is further contraindicated in pregnancy and young children.

Pleasant Smelling
The vanilla base in Dengue Defender makes it sweet smelling and pleasant to wear whether in the house, on travel or outdoors.

Essential Oil-free
Essential oils like citronella or eucalyptus oils can cause a stinging sensation on sensitive skin. These can be harmful if in contact with mucous membranes like the eyes or lips.

Being water-based and free from oil, Dengue Defender feels light and smooth without any unpleasant texture on the skin.

Alcohol can cause a stinging sensation to the skin and irritates mucous membranes like the eyes or lips. It also has a dehydrating effect on the skin.

Convenient for Travel
Bottles come in easy to use 100ml packaging that is light and convenient to carry around for the whole family. The size and volume of each bottle are also suitable for plane travel.

Vegan Safe
Ingredient origins in Dengue Defender are stringently controlled to Halal standards.
There are no animal ingredients in the formulation.

No animal was tested on or harmed in the formulation and development of Dengue Defender. In fact, the first pet dog that got to use Dengue Defender still enjoys it’s association with long walks.

Protected Formulation
Every bottle’s content is protected by 2 parabens that prevent microbial contamination. An opened bottle stored appropriately, can be used to it’s expiry without disturbed efficacy or safety.

Pharmacist Made
Professionally formulated by compounding pharmacists using pharmaceutical ingredients and produced to international quality standards.

Made in Singapore. Exported Internationally.