About Dengue Defender

We developed Dengue Defender to ward off mosquitoes safely over prolonged use in settings where you, your loved ones or pets may be exposed due to endemic regions or sporadic exposures when outdoors. In so doing we scaled up our formulation from a simple laboratory product that met a practical household need to one that could be used regularly by families and individuals throughout SouthEast Asia.

Dengue Defender has humble origins…

Conception began when a pharmacist was troubled one night while trying to sleep in her room in her new home, as several mosquitoes had gotten in undetected. Dengue fever was rampant in her neighbourhood. The irritation from wings buzzing close to her ears and painful itchy bites on exposed skin kept her up the whole night. The thought of getting dengue fever was disconcerting. She subsequently looked to a whole range of insecticide and insect repellent products at her nearby store the next day to ensure that future mosquitoes would not be a bother to her and her pet dog. While many of the options were effective, she found that none of them fulfilled the desired purpose with long-term safety of use.

Curiosity was piqued when she started to research further into the lifecycle and endemicity of diseases that mosquitoes spread, and insect repellents and insecticide formulations available along with their effects on human and pet health. Combining her formulation skills with the advice and consultation of select professionals in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, she began to work on a formulation that would limit her and her pet dog’s exposure to biting mosquitoes.

Dengue Defender was born there and then, amidst the turbulent use of mosquito coils, commercial repellents and insecticides in a small household. The first naked bottle enabled the pharmacist to play outdoors with her pet without bother that first day of use, and soon she was back to peaceful nights in her home despite the massive presence of mosquitoes in her neighbourhood. She shared the next bottle she made with a neighbour and within a week, several other neighbours were asking for one too. Twenty more bottles followed and soon her whole neighbourhood began to use Dengue Defender, which by this time had new outer clothing in the form of a label.

As nearby neighbourhoods began to use Dengue Defender, the pharmacist also worked on queries from doctors desiring an insect repellent that could be used safely on individuals with sensitive skin conditions. Dengue Defender fit the purpose and the pharmacist was by then also supplying individuals who wanted an aesthetic smell and feel to a product that they could enjoy using regularly outdoors.

From it’s inception in Singapore and Malaysia, Dengue Defender today has it’s own website and is supplied increasingly by retail in SouthEast Asia.

Our AmberShield portfolio will soon have additions to the Dengue Defender family for better household travel and living.

Look forward to more Defenders